Thursday, October 10, 2013

You Will Always Be Lovely

Graceful and gentle
silky and soft
athletic with speed
and surely the need
for nurture
nourishment and love
and knowing
how lovely I knew
you were,
and knowing
our bond was as deep as the sea
helps me in knowing
In Spirit you’re free.

And in my backroom where I write everyday
I play my guitar, more in a tentative way…..
In the dark nights of your illness
and fractures of sleep
I remember
the lullaby I sang to your soul
as I laid down your weary tune
and I knew,
it was ‘time’
to carry your small body
over the line.

And as I lay weeping
my tears into foam
and magpies, not sleeping
had a weary call of their own,
I knew, as I held you
to the end of ‘our time’
the strings played a melody
which would call me to you
and the ladybirds, frogs
and butterflies say
‘There is no such place as far away’.

Here in my world,
in a mysterious way,
I hear flowers blooming
and watch, as they say……..
Love in the world,
whether seen, or unseen,
is as beautiful now
as it has ever been,
and over in spirit,
in indescribable light,
all hearts softly open like silk through a rainbow,
and all that I see
is all that you know.

(Written on September 19, 2013 with a beautifully fragrant Vibernum Carlessi flower)


  1. Absolutely beautiful Bee. Such profound depths of connection. Thankyou xx

    1. Thank you. This form of writing is very healing for my emotional being, as the verses come to me so easily, and are written down quickly. So when I read quietly to myself or type my journal notes, I too am in tears and releasing cycles of grief. Honestly, my Vale To Poppy series of writings kept coming, so September found me weeping like never before.
      Bee xx