Tuesday, October 1, 2013

As I Say Goodbye

As I say goodbye
my little friend
I cry and cry
but it is not the end.
We were together
for twelve years
and even though
I write through tears,
what is true
about me and you
is loyalty,
and pure, absolute graceful emotion.
We came together
when we needed to
and I truly loved you.

So on this warm spring day,
the air is calm,
as you ‘sleep’ on my knee
but very soon I will say goodbye
as we have a soft, soft place
for you to lie.
Your burial blanket,
embroidered with pansies,
is my favourite blue
and I will truly miss you.

The sun is shining,
our gathered potpourri is lining
your little spot,
one where there is never frost.
You will be close to ‘our special place’,
to our sunny window space,
where we sat each day…..
I know your spirits’ flown away.

I truly wish there was more time
with synergy we part today,
but I delight you’re free to play.
And as I lay you down to rest
I bless your sweet soul as I do,
I will always love you too.

So my lovely Little Pops,
Go with the flowers, Farewell To You,
although nothing stays the same,
still, my soft and gentle friend
I know for sure we’ll meet again.

(I wrote this on September 3, 2013, as I wept for myself and Poppy, who was quietly lying on my knees, having departed her little Greyhound body 90 minutes earlier.)

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