Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Remember Dear Soul.......

Oh look at you first Jasmine bloom
Oh joy your fragrance fills my room,
as blue skies are bright outside
and nothing dead
ever dies…….

Well you may say
that’s just not true
but if you do
then all I say
is, that I am thinking
another way.

Even if my garden plant
looked as dead as dead plants do,
there would be life
somewhere in nature
composting roots, or picnicking
on the tune the old plant sings….

I indeed was very sad
burying my hound in her grave,
wrapped up sweet
with tucked in feet.
I wept to think of cold, cold nights
and when the rain fell on the mulch
I wished she was still alive
and knowing she
was on, the other side
I let her go
as a friend did say
“Happy the dead the rain, rains on”,
and I felt better, becoming strong.

You see, we have our time
and we share our life
and maybe sooner, maybe not,
maybe later, maybe not
there may come our time to leave this plane
and travel on to ‘we know not what’
but let’s believe it’s a picnic spot,
a beautiful place to rest a while
and remember our loves
and send them smiles….

So did Jasmine tell you this today?
or was that red leaf having a say
as you pottered around amongst the flowers
talking to beetles and ‘ducking’ the showers.

Well the red leaf looked very bedraggled
and not a perfect specimen,
but you picked it up
and then you knew
it had a message,
a message for you.

So little Eucalyptus leaf
you’ve been blown here from far, far away
and what I hear you now say
is, “whatever the life,
whatever you do
the only way to know yourself
is be grateful for all the lessons you learn
and remember dear soul
when it is your turn,
there is no place to ever fear
as love permeates into every sphere
and never is a soul alone
always a welcome, coming home”.

(Written on September 26, 2013 with a spray of pink Jasmine and also a very chomped or partly mulched, red, narrow eucalyptus leaf)

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