Thursday, October 24, 2013

Workplaces and Spaces for the Creative Elves

Where are you going
on this sunny spring day
and why are you choosing
to wander that way?
Well I feel there’s a place
that needs to translate
into an area
with benches and shelves
and spaces, just waiting
to welcome the elves!

A place with the fragrance
of patchouli and myrtle,
some sandalwood blends
with eucalyptus too,
so there I will go
to ‘make and do’.
Silk painting,
some wind chimes from keys
and down on the floor
right level with knees,
will be pots, and planters,
then coming up near my nose
will be candles
and canisters of all seeds to grow.

Outside under cover
will be a potting table,
with anything possible
and surely I’m able
to nurture the birth
of more beautiful plants
and give them a start
with a boost from my heart.

Look at the bagua
and decide this last space
will be a beautiful place
for your car named Pearl
and the spider called Earl,
the handyman tools,
more crates and more hooks,
think laterally out there
to set-up this look……..
Shift tables and shelves
to see
a fabulous area for floral work
where you’ll bring colour alive
so everything’s calling
under the sky.

Keep some books there
and some music to play,
a ceramic heater,
maybe a pulley from the ceiling
will add utility,
what a tremendous idea
all this seems to be.
So let me get out there
and move things around
to make Pearl’s garage
hum in the spring
and inspire creativity
to surely flow in…….

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