Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Real and Surreal

what a surprise
to see you inside
after all these times
we meet outdoors
and here you are
to explore
the underneath workings
of my computer desk,
and I feel concerned
you are taking a risk
to be in here
on the old carpeted floor
with nothing to eat
that I can see
and so I do wonder
how you came to be
in here.

This is your second day
of visitations
and watching me,
after I left you some water yesterday
and I tried unsuccessfully
to take you outside,
back to where your family
play and hide.

I decided to not touch you again
until you know
I am no
threat at all,
and I am
just wanting you to be

While I ate my lunch
I watched you there
beside my swivel chair,
and wherever I put my feet
I am checking continuously
under my seat.

After some acquainting
down on my floor
today I decided
to take a step back
and assist your survival
in a different way
by leaving you fresh morsels
of apple and carrot,
some lettuce and strawberries
are down there too,
so I am above
writing about you.

My idea is
you are drawn to my friend
in her spirit energy,
as you are behaving
just like she did,
so I have chosen a name
some-what like a twin.

If she was Poppy
and just loved the sun
and sat in the very spot
that you have begun
to enjoy every midday
when a brief phase of time
allows the sun
to warm a small gap
of sun-lighted carpet
as warm as my lap.

I now call you Polly,
my little Skink friend,
I hope that you like fruit-salad
and live to tell
your family outdoors
how you came to be here,
and that one day soon
I will help you outside
in my warm cupped hands
so you will survive.

Or will I call
the natural history museum,
where they feed the frogs
and red-back spiders,
and downstairs
there are taxidermies of gliders.
I am seeking advice
on how best to save Polly
who has
weaved through a brick wall
and now finds herself
indeed very small,
hiding under the printer,
behind heavy timber files,
she has wriggling tricks
which may be her demise.

Or not.
I wouldn’t say
you came to play
with my friend Poppy
who shares her light all around
and draws you closer
to this ‘carpeted ground’.
Here is a small lizard
who came to be
visiting ‘her spot’
so far inside,
when it is eleven weeks since she died.

I am grateful for
the same playful energy
and honey-coloured faces
here enjoying the warmth
in my backroom spaces.

If she found her way in,
I hope she finds her way home
and I will cherish the mystery
of these amazing visits
and bless sweet Poppy and the Polly lizard.

(Written on September 26, 2013)

Yesterday I met the little garden skink who lives under my desk.
Only God knows how she came to be there.

Photo by James McKinnon Australian Geographic

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