Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Eternal 'Now'

Where am I
where will I be
if I follow my path
to eternity?

My answer to you is very clear
try it and see
will be.

Go to the edge
and without any wings
take off in flight
wherever that brings
you to land,
or to see
the difference my dear
is where you will be.

In the land of faith you hear birdsong
so when all birds are singing
your soul is free,
and you have found
your way to me.

Take heart and go on
this path is there
just set-off each moment
and without any cares
you will arrive at the place
you have always wanted,
there within
from your beginning.

So why did I think
that I would sink,
not swim,
if I took off with heart
and followed each whim?
The whim is the embryo of intuitive life
when you let go of the dense
and decide that your light
will be lighter and brighter,
more pink and golden
when all that you seek
is there and beholden,
when all that you find
seems miraculous too
and there you are,
believing in you.

When you believe you are worth it
the path will present
‘a track off the track’,
your place,
surrounding you, in heavenly space,
or to put it another way,
this is the destiny of your everyday.

Be yourself,
be shining bright
and be the one
who believes this present day
is all you need
for life to change.
Faith in love,
delight in beauty,
feel gratitude surrounding you
and sunshine beaming through.

Today I feel the message clear
is keep the faith and bring it closer,
look at nature living now
the gift we have is ever-present,
keep your now in your heart,
let it be the heart of you,
from this moment to the next
a good heart
and kind thoughts to love anew
every moment is passing through.

What is eternity
do you now have the answer?
Well yes I know
it is the eternal ‘now’,
every second is a new one to come
and every day follows the sun
and every way we live each day
is another way
to show we know
that eternity comes
and does not go.

So if each moment
you create your best,
you will live in the times
you feel no regrets,
and every time
is all there is,
and life is simple,
be your bliss.
Peace and love,
hope and faith,
seek yourself
and believe you will find your way
to eternity everyday.


  1. Dear Bee. In the flow and in the know. I enjoyed these reminders and openings into Now. Many thanks and lots of love xx

    1. Thank you for sharing the moment after reading...This clairvoyant answer to my initial question is in each of us.
      May you always live with pink joy and golden laughter
      With warmest love, Bee xx