Friday, December 6, 2013

A Heartsong To Sing

Along the way
to where you’re going
will be some tears
sometime flowing,
there will be some times
when you’ll be grieving
for all that’s past
and all you’re leaving
and all the times
that are no more,
but that’s because
‘Now’ will be
to reach out further
and explore.

Explore yourself and how you feel
be yourself,
be so real,
that surprises shine in your days
and you will learn
another way
to live with heart,
to open wide,
times do often ebb and flow,
but here you are on this day
open to another way.

You’ve wept over the passing
of you little friend
and welcomed the lizards
to call this their home,
to play in the mulch amongst the plants
and all of nature
does enhance
your view of life
and what may come
when you ‘let go’
and ‘wait your time’
trusting in the spaces,
answers come
and ‘wild places’
come on over
walk through the arid-lands
walk through the parks
internally navigate
after dark.

Faith in the listening,
faith in the months,
faith in the ‘opening of long grieving hearts’
go through the adaption,
go through the mists,
talk to the frogs
like princes you’ll kiss.

Down every pathway
along wildflower trails
every song has a bridge
that leads on in,
so go there often
let wonderment bloom,
sunshine is streaming
and summers will come.

Hold hands with your loved ones
who watch over you,
let love fill your days
and warmth stream through,
let life come back
to the heart of your centre
let everything flow
with Spirit your mentor.
Time has a way
of arranging each day,
each moment will bring
a heart-song to sing.

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