Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Birds Are Singing, Bells Are Ringing

As I live this Christmas week
I pray for all
who love and seek,
for all the ones
on this dear earth
who need some song
who yearn for mirth,
for love and peace
for sharing now
for living, breathing
and caring how,
for melody
and harmony,
for the beautiful voice from the skies,
for all who live
and all who’ve died.

May love surround
and fill our hearts,
may oneness bring
us back to start,
to live and breathe
and join the spirits
who surround us in our every day
and call us over
when our time has passed,
the only truth
that ever lasts
is love
and song
and other worlds
with voices singing
as bells are ringing
and faith and hope
are blessings true
which come to us,
me and you.

So in this Christmas-time we have
may peace be with us
and gratitude true,
may you love me
and I love you.
May lights be bright,
may heaven be high
as blue comes down
and blue comes through,
heavenly blue
with lightest white,
may clouds of wonder
and pure delight
bring 2014 calmly in
and may you know this
and know to bring
all your love to share around
with all of us
on earth our ground.

May light, bright hope
and songs bring faith
and times will tell
and bells will ring
and yes we’re here at the beginning.
Fill us up with love and cheer
and compassion, contentment
and a bright new year.


  1. Bee...I thought this was heartening, affirming and appropriately joy-informed for the onset of Christmas cheer; reflective yet light and peaceful...Once again...thank you for bringing forward gratitude, tenderness and Light when it's most expected but often not met in the reality of consumerist pre-occupations...Cheers

  2. Thank you Stuart.... what is beneficial in the Christmas season is the essence of Love, and the understanding and gratitude which comes when we do our best to be mindful that the present moment is all we have. The spirit of caring, sharing and kindness are wonderful and heart-warming gifts..... Love Bee x