Saturday, December 7, 2013

Following the Miracles

Take off your cloak
and leave it behind,
where you are going
you will find
everyone wears their integrity
and truth reveals
for all to see.

So looking ahead
from the now where you are,
you see a lot more,
with a vision that’s far
more than ever
you saw before
and life will open
like a holy page
and all you see
is expanding light
and never a feeling
of fear or fright.

You have trusted for years
and openly walked
the tracks of your story
have been violet glory
and your body has healed,
seems miraculously,
but you know your mind
has the energy
of peace and faith
and glorious will
and you followed the miracles
there was never any hesitation
you arrived
with no luggage
no judgment, no rules,
be in the present
believe all you see
and life is open

It’s the way we look
at the things we see.
It’s leaving old illusions
and becoming free.
It’s knowing there
is no difficulty
that miracles happen

Going along
is like going over
going under
going through
when you fly
with faith
you are free
to see
miracles everywhere.
So there’s a golden handrail
as you glide over cliffs,
live each moment
with angelic lifts,
and know hope floats
as bluebirds sing,
whatever your heart
opens to say,
there is always love
in your everyday.

(Written December 6, 2013 with a wonderfully fragrant flowering stem of Japanese Honeysuckle)

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  1. This touched me deeply with it's deft directness and zestful appreciation of the importance of Trusting the present and The Process...Life just seems to be bursting with the need to express and to be present to the power of possibilities and of course...miracles...Thank you, yet again...!!!!