Thursday, December 5, 2013

Beautiful Blue Cycling Through

Campanula poscharskyana
Oh Star of Joy I see you there
trailing along
without a care,
and here am I with a long, long list
of creative projects calling me
but now I see
‘less is more’
as creative clues
come to explore,
some ideas just breeze in
and all the thinking will not begin
what is essential to the soul of you,
it’s follow your lead
and follow through.

Let the world move along
but you dear soul
stay grounded here
as that is where
your wisdom rises,
comes up to you
with such surprises,
and observation brings your gifts
and keeping space
does allow you time
to hear our call,
to resonate
with what is best
and then relate
that inner feeling
to a knowing,
to watch your soul grow each day
and it is important let us say
that herbs and spices are a gift
for you to love and enjoy
the fragrance wafting close to you
is your sylphs in-waiting
and another who
you miss so dearly,
your little friend,
she is with you
and does send
all the love that ever was,
she knows your patterns
and remembers where you are
beneath the stars
to call on you while you sleep
and you do feel
her love to keep.
You do continue
and soon a change will come your way
and another cycle begins to flower
and expand within
each passing hour.
So keep releasing
and receiving,
keep on healing
and believing
life is bringing
all joy to you,
accept the love
and follow through,
further than you have ever reached,
spontaneity flows
and comes to teach
the violet, green and blue
are flowing-in,
coming to you……
Open wide
enjoy the ride
your life is on another cycle
brightest light and guided paths
lead you home
to the hearth.

1 comment:

  1. Again...a wonderful unfolding of clarity, hope and delight...Thank you!