Saturday, December 7, 2013

Opening Your Present

As we walk through our lives
at fast pace
or just glide,
there is always time
to sit by the path
and indeed, dear friend,
time to laugh.

When we feel that there’s
a rush to the line,
that it all seems
like we have no time,
we then crunch ourselves
as an object suppressed
and deprive our joy
and inhibit our rest.
Why do we do that?
Put ourselves last.
It comes from our patterns,
our histories past.
Please let me say,
as one who was there,
never again
will I compress my feelings
and jump so high
to reach every ceiling.

My life
is my time
to value myself,
to share compassion,
to live with heart,
to know anytime
is the time to start
to have gratitude
for your
inner core,
to know finding you
is the best gift there is,
a present
so profound
you will look around
and ask who it was
who gave this to you.

Believe me
dear soul
your life will be whole
when you open the gift
and lift yourself to deserve
peace in your being
and love in your cells,
time to listen
and hear joy-bells.

(Written on December 6, 2013)

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