Friday, December 6, 2013

Herbal Tea, The Skinks, Prince Frog and Me

Pink Yarrow  Achillea millefolium
I have looked at you
from my window view
and now we meet
and I certainly greet
your blooming colour
and morning tonic cuppa
of yarrow tea leaves
dear yarrow flower.

As evening comes
and the day 'twilights',
my wondering leads me over closer,
is that a whisper on the breeze
are all your flowers calling me?

Beautiful bright pink daisy clusters
and fern-like foliage
I find you ever so uplifting
and I am happy you are
growing skywards on Poppy’s grave
and healing me

Herbal tea is an acquired taste
of all the greens I do delight
sipping yarrow tea
once a day
as an ‘anti-inflammatory’
you’re healing me.

All that aside
I’m asking you
what you see
from where you are
and how’s our progress
so good? so far?
Well it is important to continue
following through
to cope with change
and understand there are days
when a step backwards
maintains balance
so never go full-speed-ahead
one step, then two
sit with your brew,
a daily tonic
is a herbalist cure
and caring is important
that’s for sure…..

You are good enough as you are,
grow with the changes
surrounding you
and rest is important
essential and wise,
sip yarrow tea
and soak up the skies.

The aura of blue
is surrounding you
and that is healing,
soft and gentle,
as each day passes
so Summer is coming
with some welcome warmth
and the skinks with their friendly faces
are sun-baking in the sheltered places.

These garden lizards
and your big pond frog
have a protected habitat
and their company surprises you
with frequent visits
and familiar greetings
you may enjoy daily meetings!

(The yarrow herbal tea is made from the fern-like leaves, and is a real tonic, to be taken only  when you need help 'soldiering-on'. Do not drink everyday, and do not drink more than one cup. It is helpful when recuperating from a viral illness.)

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