Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Bee, The Poppy and Me

A cup of love
and fragrance pure
is with you now
for sure,
for sure,
As you send your lines out there
you wonder where
they’ll ever go,
and if you will ever know
who may read them,
where and when,
and yet you do more ‘posts’ again.

And that is where
the faith is found.
Keep on typing and post them ‘there’
they will be noticed

Let Come Blossom fully bloom
and all new verses
will fruit in seasons,
there is no reason
to keep 3 blogs growing,
be at one where you are,
let the others flow on over
you have this one to do
many buds are bursting through……

No need to ask ‘what’s coming next?’
keep your heart open
and all will come to ‘fruit‘ in you
for being here
and patient too.

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