Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Freedom In The Setting Free

You know the reason and the cause
there in your cells
and in a place you sometimes dwell
which is the past and now it’s time
to let your body become free
releasing tension naturally.
When you feel it building
that is when, to let it go and begin again
by finding the courage to surrender
release the emotions there within
repression never serves to bring
any wellness to yourself
and if you think it has all passed
you may find surprises break through at last
and all the tension in muscles and joints
rises high to rejoice
and all the pain in that moment
is not to last, it is heaven sent
so that you will finally see
the freedom in the setting free.

The body knows
when moving-on has not been clear
and old hurts have gone,
not disappeared.
The way of burying expression way below
is not a remedy to restore health
it is underneath the old
and rises high, truth be told
when there are triggers of times gone by
packed in your pockets
or muddy creeks that never flow
to clear the bundle of old loads.
Just work it through as it comes up
and life will bloom like a buttercup.

To live the peace we must release
every thing that no longer serves us,
every pain and emotional stress
let them go, then you will know
the peace and pleasure when
your living cells relax again.

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