Friday, July 18, 2014

Sweet Blue Flower


Sweet blue flower I see you there
and just as so I come to share
my thoughts of how this day is going
gently along, with a quite soft flowing.

What we come to do and come to feel
is flowing through and feelings heal
and I do not know
what will be coming
but I believe
the sunshine of Spring will come through
when this winter time has blown along
and the soil is deeply sodden
there will be few
who are forgotten,
and I will say I remember those
who walked with me
and undressed my clothes,
so of these ones my Mother Dear
she has been there every year.

She has made the days warmer
and created beauty along her path
and done her best in every way
to shine her light through every day.

So forget-me-not my little flower
sweet light of blue along the way
let us all be sweet and kind today.

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