Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Answer Comes

We are going where? she said to him
as they were returning
to a questioning time they have had before
and asking where they will explore?

We continue on this sunny path
and when it’s cool we are by the hearth
home-fires burning
marshmallows toasting
and all the while
and all along
we will find ourselves and sing our song.
We have the music and the time
to waltz along, we’re doing fine
but if you think the beat’s too slow
then we will talk again and you let me know.

Well it is that my clock is ticking
and I know the song is singing,
the country ball is a’rocking
and the country hall closes just after midnight
so let’s pick up pace and whirl along
there is a Cinderella story
with music and most glorious lyrics
if we can dance in step
the life that comes will bring delight
and every day follows night.

Every answer comes in time
and every question may be asked
but every story doesn’t last
and every day there is a choice
and every opportunity
may bring rejoicing
or a way to choose again
so live the moments as they pass
as love is all that every lasts.

So the way ahead is what is there
and living life we come to share
all our hearts to sing the harmony
all our trust to set us free
all our love to simply be.

So yes the answer comes along
and yes the strength comes when we’re strong
and yes the joy is in the asking
and yes the love is everlasting.

Merrily go through each day
love your Self and love to say
all that comes I am grateful for
and I will go with you through that door.
So there we have the answer clear
every day fills a year
and every year it  is becoming clear
be yourself and let it be
wisdom, truth and clarity.

(Written with a beautiful vase of fragrant Daphne on July 27, 2014)

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  1. Bee... Wonderful! Just loving the Lightness and Clarity of the recently evolving gems! Thank you!!!