Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The Kiss (Painting by Margaret Walsh Photo by owner BP)

Last night I dreamed of love gone by
and there were MACK trucks
and babies
and grey clouded skies
and as I watched lucidly
a closer face came through to me
and I knew
this was a true
transformation to my core
I looked within so many years
and now that I have long explored
it’s time to release
with much delight
and be present now
to feel the new
the birth of springtime coming through.
All the cold and wet of winter
splinter wood to build a fire
burn the dross
and feel renewed
watch the bulbs growing through
the dark rich earthy ground
will bring new blossoms all around.
So I awoke feeling heartened
having healed the love of many seasons
as Love is the important reason
to live, breathe and smile
share new days in happy ways
and see the breeze clear the haze.

(Written on July 23, 2014)

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