Friday, July 11, 2014

Oh The Sweet Treat Of Fragrance

The spice of winter and cinnamon cake
and Daphne is sharing her fragrance
which does indeed make
me so grateful that out in this cold
there is my delight to ‘lo and behold’
a delicate flower that thrives in the frost
and certainly shows that ‘all is not lost’  because I feel chilled,
when the devas around Daphne are indeed thrilled.

As I go indoors for a cup of tea and a spiced-apple treat,
under the snow every winter-time
buried bulbs are preparing to bloom,
for this season too will soon ‘come to pass’
and new spring-time colours will shine from the vase.

So never let a day go by
without feeling the joy of each gift to you
when all around they are showing through
whatever the weather, whatever your day
there is hope in the flowers and nature’s array
of shapes, greenery and light on the leaves,
notice the plants and feel the relief
just enjoying a moment in the wonder of life,
instead of racing past or whizzing-by.

Written with Daphne on July 12, 2014

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