Sunday, August 3, 2014

Softly Being

The time to bloom
still remains
you’re coming true to this day
or ‘working through’ to clear the way
and ‘keeping faith’ that you will find
the way to leave the past behind.

Of course you keep the memories
of walking dogs through the forests,
the dream you had to be a florist,
the names you wished the world to share,
the past is gone, leave it there,
dream the new but keep the present
be living in this Now…….

Yes paint the walls a rich color cream,
bring earthy tones inside your home,
travel within, no need to roam,
share your days in healing ways
and let sunshine warm you through
as you travel on to
illumined ways to be content,
writing through, any tensions showing you
the shadow side, you tried to hide
so now ‘romance’ that part with all your heart
and as you do
more happy times beam to you   
as love comes to your Self,
to wholly live who you are
let your ways be as the gentle folds of silk
softly being,
beauty seeing
warming colors
nature’s treasures
love surrounding beyond measures.

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh, such a strong, deeply deserved sense of 'coming home' to your Self and helping me of course, to 'come home' to MY Self... Many thanks Bee... Cheers!