Sunday, August 3, 2014

Time To Bloom My Little Flower

Time to bloom my little flower
there have been so many winter showers
and even floods and blowing gales
but you came through and here you are
in bright bud and ready to
show the world the inside you.

It took a while for me to see
what shapely petals I had within
and when I did, I did begin
to nourish myself and follow the sun
to bring my lovely flowering Self
to be the one that I could see
enticing me to blossom true
so here I am to share with you.

I sing a song of pure delight
I have found my way to beckon bees
and gently sway in the breeze.
My stem is strong,
I do belong
so I am here to say
let us all bloom today.

Let each field be full of flowers
let our glow light the skies
and may our seeds feed the many
who long for colour
as they have not any,
and let us bring our gentle hearts
to share with all where we are needed
and may sunflowers grow in the blackened fields
so life comes through again
and peace please do go there
and let us harmoniously share
our open hearts of love
to be with all,
every flower to smile to those
who need hope and nourishment
a way to lift their pain and live again.

(Written August 3, 2014. This is part two most likely to the verse I wrote earlier today which begins with the lines "The time to bloom still remains". It is 2 years and 2 days since I began posting my verses to Come Blossom, Come Fruit and I feel very heartened that I am indeed in a blooming place and very grateful for my illumined path to this place where I am now.

Thank you to each of you for sharing the path with me...With love Bee)

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