Monday, September 29, 2014

Beings With My Friend

Lavender is here to bring you back
to keep you grounded on the track
look either side and all around
there are helpers with you
they do abound.
They walk arm in arm with you
they give you strength and will continue to
hold the light upon your path
the dirt is worn, the burdens grand
but this is where you take a stand,
this is when you keep the faith
and hold the hand for heaven’s sake.

You are where you are
you work marvelously,
you’ll be like a tree
with a deep tap root,
it’s growing even though you feel unstable
never think you are unable
to get to where you are going to
by staying there and waiting to
feel you are on top of things
that only brings despair to you,
one step along……..we are with you.....
One step today and one tomorrow
the answers are all around
but do not feel you must leave, to receive
the blessings and the break-through
time will bring these to you.

There never was a time when you felt this low
with difficulty to feel the flow
but lessons come and sometimes are
just a step away from the dawn
lights are glowing all around
you will see them,
just ask aloud
so every guide will answer you
and many good real people too.

In this instant breathe again
and in the next, breathe again
and ask for help, it is coming when
you accept the love there is
let not this load bury you
look to the hills, stay ever true,
we are all beside you.

(Written with the new tips of French lavender leaves on August 21, 2014)

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