Saturday, August 17, 2019

With The Angel

Walking here
is to me
the place to be
with our Landscape Angel
watching over every creature
every bird is heard
every echidna is hiding
but there may be grey kangaroos
 watching through 
what seems to be 
a tangled lot of shrubbery.

But I do know
and I have seen
the difference
when the flowers bloom,
as colour comes to greenery
when the sun shines warm
on the scenery.

This place
 has been here centuries
where 'the standing people'
are the trees,
the rarely seen black cockatoos
are sometimes heard high above
as I meander along the forest floor
I see delightfully so much more.

Every leaf has symmetry,
a witness dwells in every fern,
the old and gentle
teach and learn
so my heart is open
my feet are free
and all above is lifting me

- o O o -

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