Wednesday, August 7, 2019

When Winged Ones Come

here today
 gliding by
comes tomorrow
fly away
 through the sky
far across vast lands
migrating Monarchs
know the way
I never heard them say.

Awaiting their arrival
here in Australia 
the forest 
is as quiet 
as silent wings in the wind,
rising on thermals
and descending to roost,
over 90 incredibly long days
with habitat along the way
disappearing everyday.

Bless the beautiful ones
where ever
 when ever they come.

I trust us all
 to keep wildflowers
 growing by the wayside,
a place to rest and feed
over straight line distances
 of up to 3500 km
but actual off-course distance
 may be up to 7000 km.

Information from:
"Monarch Butterflies:
Saving the King of the New World"
by Phil Schappert.

Photo credit: Sue Allie Page 76,
 then B Porteous took the iphone photo
 of Monarch butterfly image

Published Key Porter Books Limited. WWF
Printed in Canada 2004

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