Thursday, August 15, 2019

Calling Me With Telepathy

Letting go
I feel my simple breath
is enlivening me
the maidens walk with me
the ferns so green
the earth so damp
the sky above is lightly blue
as here I am with some of you.
These ferns
  shelter a colony
of tiny budded antennae
green spider orchids 
 soon to timely be
 flowering perfectly.
When I return
your old, old tree
will be standing tall 
as new Spring rises
and as fairy wrens play
  our forest sings to all each day.
I hear you listening too
so in my new awareness
comes deep understanding
weaving freely into me,
our fears are gone,
communication is strong
and life is lively far beyond.
Here today we see clearly,
listen deeply
and call to the awakened ones.
Our day has come. 
Green spider orchid buds among the maiden hair ferns 
 2 apart orchid buds around the wood 
- o O o -


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