Sunday, August 18, 2019

Creating Space For Serendipity

For years and years I think I am
clearing clutter but then again
today I see
my journal list seems to be
going on forever.
It is so relative
to what is coming into here
and what I need to clear.

When loved ones leave this world

some 'letting-go' needs to flow
and also
in the coming in
is the wondering when
do I end and begin again.

I have a Bloom Room.

As there is no garden shed,
my garage protects 
my car
my dog's paraphernalia, 
my tools, my lamps
my study notes
my florist gloves
my potting-pots
my posy bench
my spot to store the summer table
and other things I am not able
to keep inside my home.
They never roam
but stay neatly
on the shelves and hooks,
until I look
at what is mine to keep,
or what is "just asleep"
and has really had a place
where we now prefer more space.

Yes I do this every season
and there are reasons
more has come
but now I know and have begun
to clear again.

Much was given to the Quakers
yet the 'more" is from life stages
and through the ages,
information I needed to know
to qualify and grow
to buy a home
to map the roads
to heal my body and save the codes.
All safely placed in bright containers, 
labelled for prosperity
or if I ever need to find
the Allen key to set me free.

So beautiful tins and lovely things,

ribbons, bows and hand-made cards,
silk painting and special arts
may stay for spring
but now
I will look again at every thing
and say goodbye 
to what does not bring ideas that 'zing'
in a happy, creative, lateral or useful way.



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