Sunday, August 11, 2019

This Happy Place

while the water sings to me
the daisies bring simplicity 
the grass so lush
and in the hush
my frog friends forgive me
as over many years
I thought of little tadpoles
I had taken from muddy ponds
to save somewhere
 away from there.

 by the Yarrowee
I whistled to each bird
and followed every bee.
Now habitats surround me
so every frog I see
is happily living free.

I won the charity bid for this framed print
so tears of joy rolled down my cheeks 
as this delightful
bright green-grassy fresh
children's book is here to rest.

The art comes the children's book
called "All The Ways To Be Smart"
Written by Davina Bell
Illustrated by Allison Colpoys

Scribble Publisher 2018

- o O o -

Photo Credit: Prudence Upton. Wilcannia



  1. And 'Good for you!' Bee...the perfect recipient and typically and appropriately grateful...Then coming full circle and tieing in your childhood memories...Terrific! Thanks for sharing...

  2. Hello Stuart,
    the charity is Indigenous Literacy Foundation.
    'Love Your Bookshop Day' at Matilda Bookshop in Stirling,South Australia were sponsoring, as they often do and here is a photo from their newsletter. If it works I will put it above in the post space,
    Love Bee xx