Friday, July 31, 2020

Hello From My Little Friends

Hello from my little friends and me.
We are sitting in the sunny room
watching the lemons ripening
just outside this window.

How nourishing
how yellow
how friendly
how good is that
and how happy am I
that through the cold winter skies
came enough warmth
to brighten you from green to gold
and make fresh fruit
for our good health
from Mother Earth's abundant wealth.


  1. And the guitar amongst the joyous friends, awaiting the Spring of your return to honour your heart's desire for self-generated music!

    1. Yes, yes Stuart.
      I am inspired by you, and I am onto it again, as Autumn begins.
      By springtime, maybe I will be playing a tune in honor of John Prine.
      Something real and belonging to the heart of my song.
      Yes, I will keep my fingers warm and nimble for the finger-picking lessons.
      Beginning with observation and inspiration.

      Blessings and love to you,
      Bee xxo