Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Many Good Hearts Will Meet You

This morning I talked with you
as we always do
and, you and I,
this day may be
the one you start with me
and will be by my side
but in this day
if the moment comes
I will gently say fare-well
as many good hearts will meet you.
They know you may be coming
and so are holding space
for you to rest in a warm place.

You are a true sweetheart
and I am my best Self
so here we are further along
and has your time come
to run a circle to play above.

And now,
all grace is with your every breath
and my heart is wide
in gratitude for all our times
constantly side by side.
We breathe together,
we breathe forever.

Little Bobby and I went to the vet for his final? visit.
It was 2 hours after I wrote this on June 30, 2020.

And our vet, who has been seeing him
13 times in these past 12 weeks,
through all the Covid19 social-distancing,
and car-park waiting rooms,
said Bobby is happy with you,
he wants to go home with you again.
He wants to live.
He likes to play.
You are helping him.
It is best he stays with you.
Call me whenever you notice any further changes.

So Joy, Oh Joy!
We are grateful
for Bobby's courage and resilient spirit.
He sleeps and plays again.
Blessings upon his head
and, gratitude
for his happily beating heart.

We stay
in each present moment.
We hum along quietly,
my little dog and me.

Today Bobby is happily having some country walks.
He is nurtured and nourished.
God knows where we go from here.

Blessings and Love to all,
Bee and Bobby xo

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