Wednesday, July 22, 2020

We All Bloom In Sweet Time

On a frosty morning
in this valley garden
few do see
this rare bush filled with light.
It is Chinese Buddleja fallowiana
which buds for many months
  until we see,
 her shimmering beauty.

Today she whispered
 watch here
 for the
softest, gentle
 lights of mauve
 through these silver buds
before we burst with joy
as fragrance fills the winters air
and bees arrive from everywhere.

The best is coming
and certainly worth waiting for
as nature spirits hum along 
while the days are short,
  boosting blooms to spring forth.

 Then perfume will bring
the superb fragrance of No5,
 truly, fruitful 
and naturally alive
 coming from heavenly skies.
Chinese Buddleja fallowiana

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