Tuesday, August 4, 2020


I know there is more to see
when we create space for living gently.

All around in the silence,
I hear goodness calling me to open up.
To wait and see.

Do we use the drawers or just the shelves.
Do we see opportunity to devote a place
for expanding our inner space.

When will we value privacy.
Do we sit within our hearts
and truly honor what is precious.

What will bring us closer,
deeper down to inner stillness,
clear away from surface dust,
to be inside where we trust
that we are safe, well-nourished and nurtured.

Do we treasure our virtues,
not as objects to insure but as our hidden jewels.

Be real in truth and light, every day and night.
Be there with the discerning ones
and you will be the golden light.

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