Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Comes The New To Share With You

At 2 am yesterday morning
I received quite a long message,
and I am asked to share these with you
every time they come through.

I am woken from sleep.
It comes silently,
and I write this 'flow' in my journal.

The crocus are still in bloom here.
So before they melt away
I will share what came today.

It is Wednesday March 25, 2020 
here in Adelaide Hills region of South Australia.
The following 'verse' arrived 
2am-to 2.20am on Tuesday 24, 2020.

I will call it One:
Comes The New To Share With You

So you are
already present
already here
and writing is becoming clear.

Always keep
your pen and paper near 
as more will come, to say this year.

We want you to share with all
we want you
to stand tall for all there is
and all to come,
and all you hear 
will be read to help the world
go beyond 'reason'
and through the seasons
life is now,
and life will bloom
forever through each day,
and if you share
what we say here
more will come to bring clarity.
Clarity is what you'll see.

You go forth.
All is well.
More dictation will rise and swell,
as you rise and shine
in the present with divine presence.

Yes, that is what we said.
You will write through the night,
in the days of the winter,
and into spring.
Much to come, and more to go,
rolling fast and writing slow,
more will help,
and you will know 
it comes for more,
it leads you deeper,
you will explore
new lands and new ways
and time will tell,
it never does
as time is not where-ever
it ever was,
the time is now
the time is now,
and all there is,
and ever was is NOW
because you must stay present
to lead the way
through, to what you
will see and call
the NEW.

The new will shine through.
It will be new,
it will be clear,
very bright, and really clear.
Your gift we give to you
is all the clarity of the NEW DAY.

Yes, it is us
   we are The Ones
   we come to bring the news
   we are here
   we are clear
   we bring
   news to help the world to sing
   news to lighten
   news to keep this simple life

Go back to sleep now.
Goodnight to you.
Bee, our little one,
you came to shine like the light
through your broken heart tonight.
Did we say 'broken'? 
Yes we did.
Broken brings you to,
the open heart you share,
as all there was, 'moves on'.

And time will tell,
it always does,
this moment now, is all you have
to write it down and pass around.
Come the blossom, come the fruit,
come we do, to dance with you.
The harvest will be delayed,
but much will grow in coming days.
Much will become more evident,
so clear the way
and write what we say.

Now, sleep again, sleep.

Blessings and Peace. 

These HDR photos of Autumn Crocus came in One Burst!


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