Sunday, March 22, 2020

Wishing For A Wombat

I love a slow echidna,
  a round wombat,
unusual seeds,
and spaces to breathe freely.

When Bobby and I were walking at dusk
the small pine forest
was now just
 a layer of sawdust.
More burnt trees have disappeared.

The clearing,
is evidence of moving-on.

I felt raw.
I still feel raw.

And I feel truly grateful.
These signs
came from great work for our safety,
enormous goodwill by many,
so eventually, there will be
landscaping for new plantings.

The best nature view 
was on the shallow lake.
39 water hens and 5 pelicans. 

One seed, one tree, 
one lovely bunch of flowers,
one forest.
One poem
 from an open heart,
goes around
 and comes around.
I am back home now
to see these seeds of beauty.

Parsley seeds and watsonia buds.

The wombat, Australian marsupial:
Photo credit: ABC Education newsletter

1 comment:

  1. April 22, 2020
    My update one month later, than my post above.

    Today I went to see the trees,
    but, four months into 'the recovery',
    there are even less
    than before,
    but I do see continual evidence
    of clearing and rebuilding.
    The pine grove has totally gone.
    It will not be coming back.
    The ground is empty.
    There under the silent sky,
    I sigh.

    What's new are five pelicans,
    resident with all the water hens.
    They like the old pond now.
    It is muddy and better?

    What a strange update on the vanishing forest.
    There are 2 green trees to see.
    And large river birds are gathering in groups of five?????

    I will go there again, to The Bush?? before winter. (June, July, August) in Australia. I posted a photo of the lake today at the foot of my Rose Leaves post, at Come Blossom Come Fruit on April 23, 2020

    Blessings, good faith, and great resilience to you in these times,
    With love Bee xx