Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Candles Shine Within Our Hearts

I thank these mauve crocus
for being 'the shining ones'.
My quiet companions, who rise,
while the soil is warm and the sky is light.

They are silent.
They are bright.
They are a community of flower souls
to shine their saffron lights.
They illuminate all gentle ones,
who wait until the call is heard,
to go deeper.
We are here
 to share and care for others.

Possibilities are seen
when a tiny white bud
comes through the dry soil.
I am deeply heartened
 every year
and delightfully I cheer
to welcome the crocus,
as they present
 into a new community,
inspiring me to see,
that even
 after a fiery summer,
the brave will show the way,
and sing the call of beauty
with grace and hope today.


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