Sunday, April 12, 2020

New Ways Coming

When all the world is all over the place
and earth dwellers face,
more and more, deep challenges
to help us rise above,
we are here to Love.
We are here
to bring a new day forward.
Let old times leave,
help us all grieve,
and come to be, presently,
awaiting the metamorphosis
to a bright new way
to save the good that came today.

All around
there is fresh clean air,
and honey-birds bathing,
sleeping dogs,
gardeners planting bulbs
to bring daffodils in spring.
Let the simple be
what you see.

The golden lilac,
has a shawl of heart-shaped leaves,
preparing to fall asleep.
Let us keep the home-fires burning.
We see the camellia buds
waiting for the call to bloom,
while all around, below, and underground,
we grow within.
We will begin,

Written on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 
Easter Daisy: Perennial Aster

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