Thursday, April 23, 2020

What The Tender Rose Leaves Told Me

When we see you looking in to us
we sense 
your need for replenishment,
we hear you pray for a lighter view
of where you
went to

You walked around the lake,
where it was muddy and bare
with five happy pelicans resident there.

You did your best
to share how, seemingly,
time stands still until 
we accept things as they are.

There are so many changes
to live through,
and at this time in our season,
raindrops have reflected so,
as you do understand and know,
cycles come and go.

Everything will fall in place,
eventually new trees will grow
life will bloom in coming months
as we bring more fragrant love.

Nature knows,
old views go.
New leaves will grow,
as what goes, comes around.

Another sunny day will be,
bright and cheerful, wait and see.

I am grateful
to the deva of the paler than pale, pink rose,
for the whispers I received
and the photo of her leaves.

For my update, posted yesterday, 
4 months after the Bush-fires,
see my comment underneath,
the post on March 22, 2020,
called - Wishing for A Wombat.

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