Friday, May 1, 2020

I See Forgiveness Trees

If all the world was an open field
and hearts opened
as truth was told
wouldn't we
come to be happy.
Wouldn't you and wouldn't I
follow along and live our lives
Wouldn't we see
that all there is
was where we were
before you dropped dead
and I became a weeping heart
still stop-starting.

Now you visit me
as some thought going forward,
believing trust had come to be
what I was seeing,
but along the way
that disappeared
and so did you
and all I ever knew
was I was the nest
you came home to
leave a feather
and never say where you've been
unseen and unknowable
gone or not show-able.

Past and Sorrow:
my words for you
Peace and Love
flew too high
you never landed from the sky.

Come the day you went away
come the crash of secret lies
come the whispers
come the way to go beyond
and feed the birds
with seeds from stories
I never heard.

The tears from the well
roll down my cheeks
and chime the bell
the windmill shifts
my heart will lift
the straw-bales roll
down to the coast
you were the one
I loved the most.

The cycles of grief
the wells of life
the bells chime
with hearts in harmony
old souls see
through riven waves of those past days.

All I find now and ever hope to be
is love. All Love.
Here beside the forgiveness tree
I sit so peacefully.

This verse was written 'in the flow'
so there is sparse punctuation
It came on April 29, 2020.

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