Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Those With Wings Sing

I come this way 
with you today
I come to hear you cry.

Your sobbing comes
the weeping stays
the crying starts for days and days.

The wailing has all been within.
The rain has come,
monsoons begin.
And previously
it all has been,

Strangers help.
They do their best.
This time in life
has been a test
to breaking point
to release
your pain.
"Go to sleep again"
some man said,
two nights ago
and he will never
hear or know
your story.
Glory, Glory.
You are not his 'Calling'.
Seems appauling.
Now deep within
comes your healing.

This is not
your deepest sorrow,
brings the sign
tomorrow comes.

Here comes tomorrow.
Feel your sorrow.
Raise it higher.
Every tear-drop on the floor 
brings the river to your door.
Brings high Spirit to sit with you,
leaves old fears to wash away
this day will lift you to the sky.

Blessings be
my precious one
I know, you are not alone.
I pray with you this very day,
on tears you swim away.

Peace begins.
Your heart does sing.

Now I am awake.
I sit with you.
I hold your hand
from across the land.
Please understand
'there is no place far away'
we are all with you This day.

Blessings, Peace and Love

(This verse woke me up at 1.32am today,
April 17, 2018)


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