Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Silent Song

The hummingbird in You and me
the hummingbird is all I see.
The nest it brings
this little bird
the red flower brings
its hovering with tiny wings
and I wonder
how and what it sings.

has this tiny bird
a voice I may have never heard.
And yes
and yes,
so just to see it flutter in
brings my heart to sing.

There are times
seemingly when
the fragile body has tiny faith
so silent whispers
seem to be unheard.

Though I am here to tell
as witness of the hovering
 the gathering
the sipping hope
the spirit lifting
the flowers gifting,
be there some tiny fluttering
where there will come the faith
to sing from within. 

Little Eastern spinebill honeybirds
 visit this Native Mint Bush.
I took a photo of a purchased bird photo card
and the card photo credit: Rob Chiarolli 

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