Sunday, April 8, 2018

Along The Way Replay

Passing by
Bo Peep Road,
and through the Pyrenees,
abundant trees,
going past more wind turbines,
then the windmills of the Wimmera.

Oh Joy, 
I see the Pink Lake shining
near Dimboola.

I am not driving off
to Lameroo or Pinnaroo.
I am going through
 the Murray lands
in the hot day sun,
then reaching west to rest.
Home is best.

On the roads for 18 hours
passing by, 
where many lands
are extremely dry.
But here and there,
to lift my spirit,
I view, looking through,
to a wide and misty lake
and for some minutes
I sigh.
I say,
I could live just here
with this as a daily view.
 No photo here to show you.
As I was on a freeway
speeding into my long day.

Beautiful views
bring stillness
when we are still.

There is blessed stillness
off the road,
here at Home.

-oOo -

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