Sunday, April 22, 2018

When Heaven Is On Earth

Your heaven eluded you.
What could I do.

Now thirteen years
have passed
and some think Heaven is where you are.
But all these years later
Heaven is where
I am Now.

Heaven is the Oneness
I have found.
The Presence,
the Upper Realms,
while I am grounded
the connection
found like never before,
are closer now.
Believe that

Always hiding somewhere
until I saw you
walking through
a corridor,
ready at last to explore
a glimpse to your call from the ladder.
You were gone ten days later.

I was ready to follow you,
but it is true
guides brought you
to share visions
and I found my self
higher Faith
for goodness sake.

I find my Self,
then found the Presence
I see everywhere
in every tree and every flower,
every bee and every hour.
Every thing I look upon
helps me feel
eternally strong.

And so, on this anniversary
of a lovely weekend with the trees,
I share,
the Love that's always there.
I no longer wonder
where you are.

I know Heaven is where we are.
You up there
and me down here
with clarity, everything is clear.

- 050505 -

(Written today, April 22, 2018 for you)

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