Monday, February 4, 2019


When I come back
from seeing You
I know exactly
where I travelled to.

You sat within
my heart.
You gave me comfort
this long day
 I did
 rise suddenly
to clear some things
I had kept aside
to do this work
in the darkened night,
to take containers
and plant their seeds,
to look at stuff
and review my needs.

To walk with it
to the quietened street,
to leave some notes
for passers by,
to weep again
my tears not dry.

I am renewed this day,
to gently give
the vase away
to someone who
 loves it too. 

Again the spirals rise
to shine with light
 clouds are drifting over hills
so I 
will keep clearing until
I am returning
to see the face
I have always known.

More letting go
more setting free
I never know
what God will see
but he does hear
me say this day
What to keep?
What to give away?

Just more Undoing.
More stillness
More space
 Just Trust

- o O o -

1 comment:

  1. Hello Dear Ones,
    The flowers are Australian native. Bottlebrush. Used in Australian Bush Flower Essences for mother/child bonding and clearing out both the body and clutter. Callistemon linearis.
    Growing under my Melaleuca trees here in my cottage garden.
    Love to all, Bee xo