Monday, August 21, 2017

Lighting My Shadow

Hello sweet precious flower
I came to find you
blooming here this cold, cold day
and what I truly came to say
 'Thank You'
for your heavenly scent
is indeed
enticing me
to bend down lower
and lift myself to higher places
with all your golden faces
beaming clarity
into ways I know
will change in time
as paths will appear
after many storms
and you sweet flower
softly keep a place
for old spirits
to sit quietly and wave goodbye
to all those gone
and invite
the shepherd's flame to light the night. 

At last, I attend my sorrow
I clearly call tomorrow
and calmly say
"I forgive you today
I am moving-on along The Way"

Serenity, Peace and Love to you all


  1. Thankyou for sharing this monumental moment with us. May this release indeed unfurl a future beyond your past. Well lit with clarity, warm and safe with security. Imagine a child skipping with innocent delight. Joyful and carefree. Every happiness to you Bee

    1. Thank you kind soul for your warmth and lightness.
      Peace and joy be with you, Love Bee