Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Soul Seeking

The truth to me 'sits' in my feet
and rises up to greet
the soul within
that knows so much
that keeps the gate
to light
and never lets a time pass by
where healing may come in
and be
the very part you didn’t see.

Deep inside we hide our pain
we think it will
be kept hidden
and we will live our life outside
what really counts and overwhelms
is tucked away
set in clay
not stone
as when we let go
and shine the ‘fire’ inside those cells
the sparkling waters of our emotional life
are cleared and flow
and heaven knows
we lifted the burdens of centuries
we’ve walked for miles through old tall trees
we’ve canoed across a peaceful lake
we’ve bravely been through the gate
we had always thought was slammed shut
but Light-Beings came and lined the path
to lead us through and lift the load
to let us be our own true selves
to leave the past behind at last
to bring our joy from a surprising place
to show relief upon our face
to guide us to
a new
of Simple Truth
one where we do bravely see
where, and where not we want to be.
The choice comes through the lights are bright
the clouds of day and the dark of night
no longer are a cross above
when all around we do see Love.
We understand new times are here
and going forward is our way
to new beginnings every day.

So truth it rises
from little toe to heavenly glow.
Truth it is the beacon high
that brings us courage and helps us be
who we are.
So never think that you are lost
that life has left you
empty as
a well,
neglected, without a rope,
because indeed from where I see
the well within
has understanding,
the well within
reflects the stars,
the well within has golden light
shining through the darkest night,
the well within is where we go
to look for truth and at our request
we are shown the way
to be our best,
to be the one with joy and peace
to let the burdens be released
to know you are on your way
to healing all,
to have no pain
to skip and dance in the rain
to hold your candle to the flame.
Oh joy, come through to me
may 2016 truly be
my shining new reality.

Blessings and Peace to all beings

Joy to you and Joy to me

With love to all

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