Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lights Across Our World

Around the world from where I see
are many faces of humanity
and in their hearts they long for peace
for negativity to be released
in ways that soothe and heal
as stepping stones to something real……
greater ways to be in life,
ways to know where not to be
and ways to shine more light to see,
as deep within
we find our gold
we share our stories never told,
we hold our hope up higher
we gift our pains to the fire
we find our way to some dark places
and clear the past from buried spaces.

Let us be those who walk ahead
who know the way
as we have bled
our pain
and seen the rain
cleanse deep within
to truly bring  
a brighter light to shine until
all who seek may see their way
to joy and peace which seems afar
but that is who we truly are.

“This is indeed a profound time”

(Written on January 19, 2016)

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