Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Brightest Light To Shine

Who would have thought I would
ever in all my lives felt this good…..
I am light as air
and could float on water
I immersed in the sacred fire
so coming back now to earth
I keep on smiling
my tension’s gone
my heart is happy
my body’s strong
my dreams are vivid
my soul is blessed
I truly feel the very best
Never at all, in all my lives
have I been to my roots and back to sky
have I been to ancestral ceremonies and some deep ‘withins’
have I sounded my heart with drum beatings.

Gratitude fills me high
for the connected family across the lands
who held us close and birthed our plans,
who honoured our intentions and affirmed with us
who never slept but protected all
to light the world with their every cell
and inspired so truly to clear our wells
so we will be
as free as birds
as light shines on our path
as we hold the lamp to lead more seekers
as we bless Light Beings here to greet us,
as we follow through and transform our lives
never the past
but ever forward
stronger than ever with joy in our hearts
as Deep Soul Immersion celebrates
a brilliant start.

For those who feel they are sensitive
and outside the ways of the mundane world
take your soul and seek them out,
rewards will flow as courage brings
your brightest light to shine
and your joyous heart to sing.

(Written on January 21, 2016)

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