Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Ways of Some Days Along My Way

My Spirit is calling
for me to surrender
to each present moment
and be open to pleasure.
Be open to change
and perhaps
some of the ways
I go through my day.

When a project
needs focus
do that.
When my garden
needs care
be there,
as we know
you always are,
but listen girl
it is time to follow
Nutritional Healing
and lead a few
clients to
their beneficial

So do this work
you have spread about,
focus all day
and sort it out.
Organization and order
is the best way
to set up your year
in a productive way.

All around you has an aura
of all there is
you will ever need,
so keep utilizing this
and gradually,
will serve it’s purpose,
as well as realizing,
you need
all you have,
is just enough,
to save you from consumer ways,
so there is more time
to ‘follow through’
with all the plans
we have for you.

Step back
from looking for a pet.
It is too early,
too early yet.
Along the way,
on some clear day,
the pet will come
in a surprising way.
Perfect timing,
silver lining
as you two connect in the deepest way
and your new friend
is here to stay.

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