Sunday, February 9, 2014

Along the Way to Each Tomorrow

Along the way
you’re going to
you are always guided
going through
whatever comes
or ever leaves
it is all a path
on which to tread
a way of presently
the way to reach
a contented place
and look
at your face
in the mirror everyday
look within
and clearly say
“you are alright, you will be fine”,
every moment
is every-time
and anytime you hesitate
let it be the time
in which you wait
for all you ever need is here,
be present now
that’s very clear.

My life is here for me to live,
forgive myself
and everyone else
as peace and freedom
are within
as each tomorrow leads us on
to anywhere, we declare
a place to bring our light
and share our ways,
to find humour in our days,
light is shining here for me
sitting beside the melaleuca tree.

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