Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Beehive At '"The Cedars'

Beehive at The Cedars, Hahndorf , South Australia (Photo BPorteous)
If you ever come to South Australia
do yourself a marvelous favour
and walk the gardens at 'The Cedars',
explore the cottage of Hans Heysen
and all the views across the valley,
artistry and inspiration
are everywhere..........
you will just love it there.

And The Studio on the hill,
the wild kangaroos at 'the deep pool'
and plenty of time to stroll along
be absorbed by the cottage garden
or landscape art on every wall
I was just so enthralled.

When you leave 'a place with heart'
you feel you have been 'gifted' with a spark
of creativity,
there within
and breathing free.

Now any place in the great outdoors
will lead me on
to explore
the inner nature
and how I feel
when I am walking, in the real
and very essence of the living world
let me be amongst the green
and dream,
and listen to all around
and find myself 
all that is outside
is within.

So a beehive in the grass
is not something I will walk past
without noticing,
and marveling
at the creation there before me,
timber glory.
The Beehive (Photo BPorteous)

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