Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gratitude, For the Fruit as Food

A cumquat!
still half orange and half green
tucked where it was
barely seen.
But I know to watch and wait
and enjoy first fruit
at the pot-plant gate!!!

Well, you see
it was ‘the only’,
a single fruit from the tree.
a single fruit
and enjoyed by me.

But wait I think there’s more,
the only fruit on this tree
and I ate it,
so purposefully.

I have never tried
nor seen this fruit.
I looked up close
and then I touched
and it came
into my hand
so easily.
I stood there looking at this cumquat,
and first bite
I saw,
tiny segments, and half was gone,
second bite was the green half
and it too
was pleasurable,
these two bites
so measurable.

Thank you to the small tree
for the gift of fruit you gave to me.

(Written on January 12, 2014)


  1. I savoured it with you Bee... Delightfully captured in every sense...Thank you!

    1. Hello Stu, You are a gem and it is always heartening to know I am sharing with others, and so receiving your response is a true bonus.
      I know we do things for the greater goodness of giving, but encouragement is certainly very encouraging!!
      Love Bee x

  2. i agree sis - all in yellow red and limes!