Saturday, February 4, 2023

Inner Spaces

When there is mystical space in my heart,
when I feel contentedly light,
when a calm day is appearing brightly
I find a quiet place to write 
so words come through me.
Often I am in the garden with 'you'
picking a flower or two.

This day the apricot roses are flowering
so I placed a few for you,
in a teacup on my desk
then sat to rest.....
I looked into my kaleidoscope
and heard you whisper "Marvellous"
as we know this is handcrafted from Huon pine
with colourful gems shimmering within.
Gazing through to the window light
I feel like floating to your Heaven.....
My Precious,
you live in every treasure,
each bird call, flower, tree and shrub,
in my verses, our books, our songs, our life!
In so many ways,
in our beginning and our final days,
we were so courageous and brave.

My love is with you, B  xxo


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